Residential Alcohol

If you are struggling from alcohol addiction, an addiction recovery program at a deaddiction centre in Raigad is the first thing to go for. There are several world class rehabilitation centres in Khalapur Raigad and all over India to help people get treatment and find relief from their addictions. Rehabilitation helps an addict to get back to a normal life by undergoing rigorous treatment programs. Alcohol rehabilitation involves detoxification under supervision of experts during which the use of alcohol is completely stopped and medication is given to handle withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Detoxification

Detoxification is a comprehensive rehabilitation approach for recovery. A detox program helps to heal a person physiologically and psychologically after and during a long-term addiction.

The underlying cause of reluctance of going on the journey of de-addiction is the withdrawal symptoms. Interestingly, the main aim of detoxification centres in Maharashtra is to prevent the severe consequences of sudden cessation of usage through stabilization. It is then followed by an extended period of detoxification to help a patient survive the period of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.

De - Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is the psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug or substance even though it is causing psychological and physical harm.

Chemical substances are those which on intake in any form bring about changes in mood, mind and behaviors of the users.

Family & Cycratic Councelling

  • Modify their attitudes and behaviors related to drug use
  • Increase healthy life skills
  • Persist with other forms of treatment, such as medication

Patients can receive treatment in many different settings with various approaches.