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About Our Foundation

Aastha Foundation provide Comfortable, Residential Rehabilitation Facilities for those suffering from chronic Mental illness, drug disorder and alcoholic. Aastha Foundation started in the year 2014 to offer comprehensive treatment and community based Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Today, Aastha Foundation provides Residential Care facilities for about 40 inpatient / inmates through main facility in Raigad district.
Aastha Foundation has a staff team of 10 that includes, Trained Mental Health Professionals like Psychiatric Social Workers, Psychiatrists, and trained Psychiatric Nurses.

Our Services

Residential Alcohol

If you are struggling from alcohol addiction, an addiction recovery program at a deaddiction centre in Raigad is the first thing to go for. There are several world class rehabilitation centres in Khalapur Raigad and all over India to help people get treatment and find relief from their addictions.

Drug Detoxification

Detoxification is a comprehensive rehabilitation approach for recovery...

De - Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is the psychological and physical inability to stop consuming...

Family counselling

Patients can receive treatment in many different settings with various approaches....

Nasha Mukti

Aastha Foundation is renowned as one of the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Raigad that offers De Addiction...

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